January 03, 2012, 7:25:00 PM
I actually updated.. :D
I haven't been posting on this page a lot. Kinda miss a lot of random rants about my boring life, then again, everyone's life is boring anyway, they just have to post it because it's just the way it is. So, anyway, Comic Market 81 just passed. Haven't been able to get there yet now. Planning to go for next year, good stuffs were published.

I have been playing games, lots of shooting games, and a couple of MMORPG.

This is two of my current obsession..

YES, it is a very old game, okay, considering "OLD" it's not really old, lots of people still play it, I just like shooting zombies, and now that the MAYANS have told us that there's will be zombies on January 12 2012, playing this has benefits. NO, I don't take what they say seriously, don't worry :D

My second obsession...

This is just one of the videos, not the gameplay XD

this is the gameplay I love this person, STAR!! my TF2 idol !

YEZ, TF2, another so called "OLD" game, not really old considering so many people still playing this and they still have competitive games going on that I WISH TO ENTER ONE DAY when I'm good enuff. I've been playing this more often than L4D2, sorry, I just like playing games like this. Idk the benefit of playing games, but life without games would be very boring, doesn't matter what game, even a simple game of PUZZLE BOBBLES, it is still a GAME. you can't deny it, sitting, waiting for your friend to finish class or waiting for your colleague to finish meeting, if you have this game on your phone, you'll play. :D but now, since most of the people owns an IPhone, they stick to their IPhone games. I don't own one so I have no idea what do they have in there.

anyway, there's another game I am still playing .. which is Touhou.. D: hisoutensoku.

YEZ, A MORE UPGRADE VER. of Scarlet Weather Rhapsody. :D I'm still bad at it. So bad at it that if you have to rank me, I'll probably disappear into thin air.

ANYHOOO, I've been playing games so much, I forgot that it's already 2012.


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June 25, 2011, 3:19:00 AM
key Rewrite / TAM's first "Game Music" works.

June 23, 2011, 12:58:00 AM
【まくまく】「F」【マキシマムザホルモン 】【makmak】


going against gravity, diabolical, loves to read, eats ice cream without being depressed, doesn't like the day, love sunflowers, mad about strawberries, loves to lie under water, wants to climb mountains, wants to bungee jump, loves cakes, doesn't smile often, dislike sadness, doesn't sleep. (no, I kid, I'm not diabolical)-

actually, I'm not really a die hard fan of REMILIA SCARLET, she's my SECOND favorite, MY FAVORITE OBVIOUSLY HAZ TO BE HER MAID, IZAYOI SAKUYA, if I have someone as loyal as that, I will love her forever. Actually I do and I LOVE HER WITH MY WHOLE HEART AND SOUL <3<3





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